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Tree trunk

3 Color Linoleum Print

Ages 12 & up

Supplies Needed:


Begin by sketching your chosen design. The design can be very simple or very complex, depending on your skill level with printmaking.

I like to leave a border around the edge of my lino prints. This helps to keep the print a bit cleaner during printing.

Using the 3 different markers, indicate what part of the drawing should be each color. The lightest color must always be printed first.


Using the lino cutters, carve away the areas that will be left white. Be sure not to carve too deeply and always remember to carve away you're your body.

When all parts that will remain white are removed, you are ready to print.


You can mix ink together if you choose, to make a new color. Just be sure not to over mix it or the ink will be too dry.

Roll the ink out on the Plexiglas. The ink should be rolled out until the brayer is evenly coated.


Roll the ink onto the lino block.

Depending on your climate, you may need to work somewhat fast. I live in the desert so the ink dries very fast.

Lay the paper over the block and gently rub with your hands or a clean brayer.

Print this color many times. Once you carve in the next step, there is no going back.


Wash the lino block after you have printed as many prints as you choose (I would suggest at least 10 prints because some will not come out properly).

Carve away the portions of your block that were colored with the lightest color (in my picture, I am carving away the yellow).

Once you are finished carving, roll out your next color. Be sure that your prints are dry before doing this step.


Roll the ink onto the block and print it directly over the original print. This will allow the areas that you carved away to stay in the first color.

Repeat this process a final time to print your last color. Do not rush and do not worry if some of the prints do not line up. Just keep trying.

Finished3 Color