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Tree trunk

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Version 1

Ages 3 & up

Supplies Needed:


Begin by mixing some glue into you cup of water. For this project you can use about 1 part glue to 10 parts water.

Use the paintbrush to mix the glue into the water.

Tear up pieces of tissue paper in the colors that you plan to use.

It works best to tear the paper ahead of time.


On the wax paper, draw the image of your choice using the perminant marker.

If the image is symmetrical (like the butterfly on the left) you can fold the wax paper and draw half of the image then trace it on the other side.

Using the brush and glue water mixture, paint one small area.

The glue will bead up, but this is normal.


Begin to place tissue paper inside of the lines and on top of the glue.

Fill in one shape at a time.

Continue filling in shapes until the entire drawing is filled.

Be sure to rinse out the brush after each color.


As you work, you may discover that some colors will bleed into other colors. In my experience, the colors that are the worst are dark reds and maroons.

You can either choose not to use them or you can wait until the other areas are dry before you add this color.

Once you have filled in the entire drawing, allow it to dry.

If any pieces begin to come up from the wax paper, use full strength glue to attach them back.


Once it is completely dry, cut it out along the outline.

Now you are ready to hang it on a window and enjoy!