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Crayon Scratch Art Project #1

Supplies Needed:

Scratch 1 Begin with your white construction paper. Using the crayons, color a design of any sort. Bright colors will show up best.
Be sure to fill in all of the empy paper. Any space that is not filled with crayon, will stay black when you are attempting to scratch off the paint in a later step. Scratch 2
Scratch 3 After you have colored the entire page, use the black paint to completely cover the page.
It may be necessary to paint a second layer of paint after the first is dry. You do not want any color to show through the paint. Scratch 4

Scratch 5

Wait for the paint to dry completly. If you do not, the paper will tear when you begin to scratch.

Using a toothpick, begin to draw a picture. Simply draw with the toothpick as you would with a pencil.

Begin your drawing as a simple line drawing without filling in any shapes (see above). Then scratch away larger areas (as shown on right).

And that all there is to it!

Scratch 7

Finished Scratch